Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh dear God, I love you.

Do you know what's the best feeling in the world?
Having come back from school, stressed out (and been sleeping only 15 hours in the last 3 days) and thinking to yourself, let's go sleep. But what you think to your inner self is: Oh, shaytan, please shut up and let me pray my Zuhr which I didn't pray at school before it's past the time.
You wait till you convince that lil' thing and wudu and there. You start praying. Now the main problem is, we recite and don't concentrate. I found a solution for myself and maybe it works for others. You actually translate it in English in your mind, and understand what you say, and there. Your soul feels what you recite.

Back to the best feeling. Doing sajdah and pouring your soul to God's container of love. I swear. I feel like staying there ALL my life, except after some time I can't breathe. Catastrophic, or asthma- can't decide.

The world is beautiful as Queen of all small things would say (don't know which of the words start with the capital letters for your case). Even more, God's beautiful. I was praying and suddenly I thought to myself. That this is happiness. Satisfaction. Love. Purity. I swear to God. I love it!

So, I was thinking while praying- I lost track, sorry God- that I would want to address those who don't pray. No pinpointing. Or any sort. Wait, rephrase it, address to those who know they're missing something, who feel like they know what's missing but I guess shaytan takes over our Iman. Maybe, I'm wrong about the Iman part, obv God knows more. But you get me, don't you? To all of those, to all who feel lazy (I'm human too, I know it) I suggest, I advice, anything that fits this situation, to pray. Please. Pray. It fixes life more than anything else does. To my life yes, but dude, we don't have no option, its for our own benefit anyways. God won't get a dime out of this. Or any sort. Why laziness when you can not be lazy to check any notifications? 5 minutes at the least? Try your fard first. And then carry on. Come on, try today, to pray at least once, even if you never. I hope you do. Just try. There's no excuse, trust me. And there's no penalty.

I hope you pray today. Just the fard maybe. I don't know which timezone you live in, but let's try.

Goals of next year, actually of life. I want to keep praying, and inshaAllah regularly in my days. And inshaAllah all 5 at exact times. And I hope I influence my sisters.

My mum says sometimes if you tell people your plans, sometimes, they never really turn out the way you plan. Sometimes. I hope my goal's achieved. I'd only tell this out, to remind myself at times. And maybe motivate you. (:

Parents are indeed, God's most blessed blessings. The day you lose them, is without a doubt the saddest day of your life. May all of us have our parent's love throughout life and their support, moral and physical. There and just there. :)

Oh alhamdulilah, life's fine. Alhamdulilah. Some things you're nervous about, but at the end. Nothing can ever kill you if it's wrong. So I guess, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you've got amazing parents. And to those who've lost them, may Allah forgive all their sins and grant them a place in Jannah Ameen. And at the end of the day, you can talk to your God. :) Sometimes you do. And sometimes- infact, most of the times, it's like you're being heard.

Mosaic cogitations. Deep random thoughts. Some blue, some white. Some happy, some fine.
I hope I've done my job here, what I should've been doing. Long ago. :)
P.S. When do you use advice and advise? Help, please.

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  1. *gasp* Is this common? THAT'S HOW I PRAY TOO! I translate it into English in my mind so I know who I'm praying to, and what I'm praying for!
    I like you already.