Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stranded In a Sea of Dolphins

What is life like? After 5 months, you realise, maybe a tad bit of you is missing, incorporated into something you have no idea about. Sometimes your life fixes itself and there you are, smiling when you don't just need to, but maybe you have to.

Right now, I'd give you a billion reasons why you should hang onto your life, and you'd give me 2 to let it down the drain. When I tell you those reasons, you don't give a shat about it anyways, because you're flipped in the gloom of I-don't-know-what.

Two years ago, I look at myself, and everything was different. I hadn't got my O'levels results, never had the acne-full face- okay, I did slightly. I was 15. That sounds so young, so half-of-30. Now, I'm 17. More happier, more vivid in the crowds. More lost in the world.

There's an end to all happiness, an end always. The smiley face needs a long break sometimes, and you feel all gloomy because you haven't showered well, your hair's oily or you're ripping your shoes. It's all sad. Sometimes the world remembers you at the busiest timings, and no one gives a bullock about when you actually need that attention. Happiness as it seems, isn't happy maybe. I'll smile for you, and inside everything's still the same.

Technology has left me stranded. Stranded in a sea of dolphins.


  1. is like you're saying imagining and pretending nothing is wrong? Well, that's me!
    It happend to me tow years ago when i was 15 and i ignored it. and now i'm dealing with consequencess.

    PS\ is 15 a bad age? i keep reading and hearing that a lot of problems happen at that age. i guess bcuz it's the beginning of a teen-age-girl .ugh.

  2. Just generally saying, that there are ups and there are downs. Maybe that's what reminds you to appreciate happiness.

    15, not a bad age. Good age. Still young. And teenage-girl-stuff is blegh. Never really passed that, 15 good fun with good friends. [Y]