Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've just come from one of the wonders of the world for me. A place so majestic, so pure. While everything is so Holy, there are things equally wild there. Yes, wild. Yes, things. Sadly, those things are us humans. Just for a place which maybe about 30 cm, a buffalo wants to fit in. Literally, a buffalo. Now, just imagine the cat fight they have there. Luckily, I don't understand Arabic as yet and so I miss out on some curse words, which is good to a degree.

The best part of it all is about the place. If you want to seclude yourself to God in a place crowded with millions- really, it's just the wisest choice. Ah! The fragrance of the black cloth upon the Ka'abah is the best scent I have ever smelt! I wish I could just sleep while holding it close to my face! =D Moreover, you get to see SO many races from all parts of the world. Mostly, Iranians and Syrians- the most ill-mannered, Indonesians, Indians, Sudanis and oh so many more. =D I wish I knew Arabic so I could communicate with them and know more about the world =D

So yesterday, I'm just all alone in the car and I have the backseat all to myself, every thing's quiet and I've started thinking about where I've been. It's such a Holy place, so many prophets have been, so many people wish to be there. So much love and so much fame. I always wanted the feeling of being all alone in the mosque, and it's all to you at the time. You can pray anywhere you want to, visit the Roza-e-Jannah as many times as you want to, pray for as long as your heart desires, and sleep next to the Ka'abah because you know you're protected by the best System ever to exist. =]

So what more does mankind want? They come to see one of the things, many billions want to visit, and all they do is swear to each other because by mistake one pushes the other? So why is everyone intelligent but still illiterate?

'Seek help through patience and Salah'


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