Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Only Time- Enya

Life. Maybe it's definition is still incomplete like that of love's. Maybe it's just so simple, that it's complicated to understand it. Or maybe it's unfair, supposed to be unfair. How cat-people are allergic to cat fur and have it in their mouth while eating Doritos, unfair I tell you.
An excess or lack of sleep gives me a bad flu. A very bad one. 50 sneezes/2 minutes.

But all that is not the point. The point here today is just about people and life. I've been touched by this blog about such a noble man. A man full of life, full of love, full of adventures. A man who loves his life, and has regrets but those regrets just strengthen him. Making him bold and composite, the regrets give him a reason to live on, to breathe on.

I've forgotten the purpose of this blog, maybe it's just random, maybe today I feel like living. Living life. Maybe today, I would want to be myself, random but much than a girl in Riyadh. I'll know things about me today I never knew. A new day has come, so let's live it. Let's love it. From every point of view, let's love people. They're in your life for a reason. A reason that influences you. =D Enya is in my life because her music knows me so well. Geography tells me what plateaus are actually. The sweaty hands cool me. Digestive digest me. You make me feel special because you're equally special.

So let's start loving everything we've been given, everything we have, even everything we least care.

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