Thursday, March 19, 2009


I don't like kids that much, only those which are cute and cheeky. Children, ugh, puh-lease. Kids are so dumb when they're newborns but that's like comprehensive but those who're just kids as in from age 7-12 are just not my type. Well, I've been through that phase of life and everyone has to as long as their destined for it.

I like adorable kids those with their cute nose and tiny fingers, ah! Okay, maybe I also like newborns. Especially their toes, beauty.
Those big round eyes above the amazing dippled cheeks, the cute little nosy :) the small hands which grip your thumb so firmly it's hard to let go. Offsprings as biology would refer to them; individuals with their own langauages which always leave you wondering.

But I'm rather amused by how they come to existence, you know. Just by two specialized cells. That's it. Two and you get millions and billions of building blocks just to give you a shape. There's a part of biology which can't just explain the love one has for that cluster of cells. Safe and protected in a sac of love. :) I don't care about the hardwork, the energy spent, the money you get, but some people need advises, some need consolation, some need just one more chance. Maybe that's my purpose of existence. Adding some happiness to a couple's life, by just helping them out, that's my passion. Passion for gynecology.

If you're one of those who remark my passion as 'Ew! Gross, damn.', then I'm sorry God didn't bless you with the sense of intensity. :) Life's short and beautiful. Someday you'll find your 'the one' and someday you'll have a life of your own, a family of your own, from giggle-y laughs to beautiful, thick, crystal-clear tears. Every person dreams of a family with kids numbering from 1 to double digits. Yes, population is rising but some people need to do what they do. :)

I've never thought about ultrasounds that much, but I saw an episode of One Tree Hill with Peyton for her ultrasound and beautiful God! :) The lub-dub sounds echoing through the very narrow arteries, the tiny figures on that monitor apparently looking like a lizard. Ah. Beauty, man.
I would die to have that thing just in you, you know. Like it's a living life in a living life. I'm stupidly in love with the thoughts.

Ms. Bouchra would refer it to as a 3 kg sugar bag in you which goes everywhere you go like your shadow. It's hurt when you're hurt, it's happy when you are. :) And when you're alone it gives you the best company, be in a dentist waiting room too. :)

Nearly all mothers will carry their baby on their left side so that the baby's head is next to the mother's heart. Hearing a mother's heartbeat soothes a baby.

God's just so Great. :)

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