Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Those Who Cared

What have we done? Lives gone, tears wasted, money spent, for what? It just left hundreds widowed. It left even more orphans, those with no support anymore, and here we are relaxing while brave men fight. They fight like never before. They spend every day training, sweating, and working just so they can protect us. In the end they're just buried, buried with all the rest, those of other clans too. So where is it all gone? What have we done?

They fought for us and we shed a tear only for those who were acquaintances. Maybe I survived just because of one brave soldier who's long gone while I live my life. I don't know who ever he was, I don't know how he fought, I don't know who he left behind to weep but I salute him. They are the ones who deserve paradise while all we do is pray just when in crisis.

Where is 'Unity, Faith, Discipline' gone? Why are we helpless now? From earthquakes to red alerts of wars, why are we just stranded? Why is there no one to care about the poor now? Why are the richer only getting richer? Where has the passion gone? Is this why we demanded a separate homeland so that we could bury it in just by a different way, time-bombs, bullets, satan?

Think of those who left their children behind just to make a future for us. Think of those who got robed, stolen, beaten, raped just so they could add to the majority of Muslims, is this unfair, watching your own country's downfall when you can do something but are just afraid to? All we're doing is internal fighting. That's it. Why? For we are Pakistanis first and only then Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathans, Balouchis. Get out of the phase of only PPP, MQM or ML, fight for the country and not just for someone. It's just a matter of a wise thought.

So wake up and at least realize what we've done, what we're doing and what the consequences will be. The point of all this is just to write it out, just because the gun's loaded and the trigger be pulled anytime, so to become nationalities of the world's most dangerous country. To all those 'terrorists', to all those who kill their own blood, to all those who're wrong but urge as right, get a life. Think with your foolish brains as to me your just cannibals.

May my country live long and prosperous Ameen and may God protect it from all those murderers.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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  1. This is awesome. You wrote this a year ago and sadly the things are the same perhaps even worst.

    Great Read though.