Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sometimes it's good to be left alone. No one gets hurt that way.

I don't swear a lot. I only do when I'm very high or very low. I go high and low very easily and mostly I'm neutral. Maybe it's just one of those phases everyone talks about, you know. Sad, slow songs make me all sad and low. I once found hope in Chris Brown's Forever maybe because of its lyrics or something.

I have this thing for those '25 random things about you' notes on Facebook.

So well I love the music from the '80s, the music is just so wow. I love Michael Jackson's songs no matter what he was, what he's become and all such stuff. There's so much pop, rock 'n' roll followed by the ever-loved easy listening. There still are some issues whether music is haram or not, though I think it is. That's a whole different topic to discuss.

I really want to have a guy to flirt. I'm not a playa or anything, though it sounds like that. Life is too boring right now and I need some sort of just those good things which make you want to live and have some drama in life.

I love paintings and abstract stuff; things with intensity. Such art just leaves me thinking and there's so much variety of what everyone thinks of just a single painting.

I love my bunk bed, it's a whole different world up there, though all simple and plain but it's one of the few places which accept me in every state I may be in.

I want to know everything about everything. For that reason, I love dictionaries and Wikipedia.

I also found my iPod which doesn't work because of its stupid Hold button but I'll get it fixed as soon as Biology leaves me alone for at least two hours.

I'm quite jealous of the Math students in my class because they aren't in any sort of pressure we're in but at times I feel satisfied because who has passion for becoming a gynecologist. I do. (H) Even though the thought of poking my finger into other's thing is just very ew and gross.

No matter how much I try, I just can't like 'paindo' people. I just can't. It's like dude, what the ef is wrong with you?

Haha, my net is very irritating at times. Many people hate it. *proud emoticon*

Two things that ever scared me were these videos about Shaytan on and this dajal-voiced-guy who called me 3 A.M some freaky night.

I love the Backstreet Boys.

They finished the colour codes on Blogger… which makes me very very sad. I love colour. =(

I find khusras VERY scary though I'm not scared of them or so. They're like clowns to me with freaky make-up and paindo style.

I always loved nouns and hated adjectives even besides curriculum.

I think Linksys is better than SpeedTouch but just to love what I have, I make myself think that SpeedTouch is the best.

That's the same case with my Dell and Toshiba laptops.

I have a psycho cousin on the loose. =/

I love Lil Wayne's voice though it's pretty annoying after a minute.

I really want to study Religion especially about Sunni-ism and Shia-ism. I am a Sunni but all I know about that is that I believe in one God and that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was the last prophet of Allah. Of course, there's more than just that but these are the basis. =D

I take pride in the fact that Massari has my nickname in his name- Sari =D Also, that my favorite WWE wrestler, the Undertaker, has my name tattoo-ed on his neck. =D

I love Mr.Pringle and my hawt E66. I also love Mahir, the guy who goes in my school van and also the little cartoon on Al-Marai milk cartons. =D I'm very conscious about Mahir, since he was going to get kidnapped and hit by a car yesterday.

I find gays also weird but I think I like them. =? I mean just the talk about gays, and not gays as such. Well, I don't really mind them but isn't straight better? Whatever God wanted.

So finally my internet starts working but my battery's dying. I own three laptops and well the desktop is for family and I love it.

Shit. I just realised Rija's brother's leaving tomorrow! =|

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